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The largest range of products in the industry

ADEY's Research and Development team has engineered the most comprehensive range of products in the industry, offering unique solutions to the most common problems which lead to break-downs in hydronic heating systems.

The ADEY Best Practice heating system protection is a five-step process using products engineered to ensure maximum efficiency in hydronic heating systems.


ADEY's MagnaClean filters are the best-selling brand in the U.K. with more than four million installed throughout Europe. Tens of thousands are fitted monthly, making it the leading filter for installers and homeowners. ADEY filters also help protect the environment by significantly reducing carbon emissions. ADEY also manufactures a growing range of premium quality chemicals developed in the U.K. at ADEY's own accredited laboratory.

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  • "I didn't actually expect to find magnetite. But we've had about ⅜" accumulation around the magnetic rod inside the filter both times we've cleaned it."

    Jim Cater, Project Engineer at Combustion Service & Equipment Company

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Magnetic Filtration Technology

Watch Dr Neil Watson's demonstration of our magnetic filtration technology:

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