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ADEY MagnaClean Commercial

The ASME-listed MagnaClean Commercial range helps prevent the damage, and related symptoms, that can be caused by iron oxide sludge. The filters feature a unique, patented magnetic filtration system which removes virtually all of the suspended iron oxide that collects in hydronic heating systems.

The MagnaClean Commercial range is manufactured to ASME Section 8 in five sizes to meet the demands of a broad cross-section of light commercial to heavy-duty applications.

MagnaClean Commercial filters deliver immediate benefits to improve performance and help to reduce maintenance costs:

  • Construction conforms to ASME Section 8
  • Available in 2”, 4”, 6” and 8” to suit a wide range of commercial/industrial pipe sizes
  • Exceptional magnetic capture – Up to 80% better than tested traditional methods
  • Helps restore heating system efficiency and performance – Up to 30% more efficient
  • Helps reduce ongoing maintenance costs
  • Collects large and micro-particles
  • Compatible with ALL hydronic heating and cooling systems

Simple, trouble-free installation and servicing

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ADEY MagnaClean Commercial

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