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Watch: The How, What and Why of MagnaClean®

Dr. Neil Watson and Dave Yates talk about how MagnaClean combats iron oxide in hydronic systems…

Ever wondered what makes MagnaClean different from other filtration methods? Want to know how it works?

This video will answer all your questions in just over 8 minutes.

Video courtesy of Dave Yates, columnist for Contractor Magazine, on location at AHR Expo 2017.

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MagnaClean® Professional2XP™

Seasonal Changeover Solution for Scale in Hydronic Systems

For Jim Cater, Project Engineer at Combustion Service & Equipment Company (CS&E) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ...

MagnaClean® DualXP™

Bridges the Gap Between Residential and Heavy-Duty Commercial Magnetic Filters

For contractors looking to solve problems caused by water quality issues with hydronic system installations in larger residential ...

ADEY® Introduces
MagnaClean Professional2™

The Solution to a Major Problem Lurking in Hydronic Heating Systems

The Devastating Effects of Iron Oxide Sludge Can Now Be Virtually Eliminated

ADEY® Introduces
MagnaClean Micro2™

A Compact Solution to a Potentially Expensive Hydronic System Problem

The Devastating Effects of Iron Oxide Sludge Can Now Be Virtually Eliminated

Introduction of
MagnaClean Commercial™

Brings Vital Protection Against Iron Oxide Sludge to Large Hydronic Heating & Cooling Installations

ADEY® Unveils Another Magnetic Filtration Solution to the...

What looks like a small problem... is causing big trouble

An in-depth look at an emerging cause of hydronic system failure... and the solution

Iron oxide, also called magnetite. This damaging black sludge is...