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Protect Your Hydronic Heating System from Iron Oxide Sludge

Protect Your Hydronic Heating System from Iron Oxide Sludge

Magnetite: The #1 Enemy of Hydronic Systems

Protect Your Hydronic Heating System from Iron Oxide Sludge Protect Your Hydronic Heating System from Iron Oxide Sludge

If you’re experiencing problems with your hydronic heating system…don’t blame the boiler. Don’t blame the pump.

Blame magnetite.

Everyday, magnetite (a.k.a. iron oxide) leaches into untreated hydronic systems during normal operation, even on new systems. In fact, it’s the #1 enemy affecting hydronic heating performance. Tests show that even a minimal build-up results in a serious drop in boiler efficiency or even equipment failure.

  • Without treatment, the efficiency of a boiler can be reduced by up to 6% in just three weeks.
  • Nearly 70% of circulators returned to pump manufacturers fail due to iron oxide and other water quality issues.*
  • Over 95% of debris in hydronic heating systems is made up of iron oxide.*
  • Maintaining water quality is even more important in high-efficiency equipment – narrower waterways in this equipment can more easily become clogged by magnetite.

*Pump failure data based on studies of returns to European pump manufacturers. Percentage of iron oxide/magnetite in hydronic heating system debris also based on studies of European systems.

MagnaClean™ Removes Magnetite — Quickly, Effectively, and nearly completely

The easiest way to learn how it works is to WATCH it in action.

Watch this video to learn how MagnaClean takes SECONDS to completely filter the iron oxide particles from the system.

Watch this 6:19 video for more information on how RESIDENTIAL filters work.

Watch this 4:29 video for more information on how COMMERCIAL filters work.

A Solution for Every Hydronic Heating System

Protect Your Hydronic Heating System from Iron Oxide Sludge

Whether you’re installing, specifying or servicing residential or commercial hydronic heating systems, there’s a MagnaClean magnetic filter sized to fit your application! MagnaClean filters are part of ADEY’s Best Practice™ System – a complete 5-step process designed to safeguard your investment.

Ready to Protect Your Hydronic System?

Get maximum protection against iron oxide today and knock out the #1 enemy of hydronic heating systems. See how this simple solution will:

  • Improve energy/heat transfer efficiency
  • Safeguard high-performing ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) pumps and boiler equipment
  • Reduce utility/electric bills
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Restore boiler performance
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Eliminate virtually all sludge and debris found in hydronic heating system

To learn how you can add MagnaClean to your hydronic system, from anywhere in North America, including Canada: