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MagnaClean® Filters

The MagnaClean® filter range has been developed by the industry leading and multi-award winning company that pioneered magnetic filtration. ADEY's filters remove virtually all of the damaging suspended iron oxide sludge and extend the life of hydronic heating systems when used as part of ADEY's Best Practice system process.

Clean and protect your hydronic heating system with ADEY's Best Practice treatment formulas

ADEY's system treatment formulas have been created to deliver higher levels of protection and have been designed to deliver exceptional results when used in conjunction with ADEY's MagnaCleanse® flushing process, part of the Adey® Best Practice process for optimum system protection.



Fast and effective hydronic heating system flushing with ongoing protection

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Watch the video to learn more about the MagnaCleanse flushing process.

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ADEY® Engineer's Water Test Kit

ADEY Test Kit

The ADEY Engineer's water test kit provides rapid on-site analysis of critical parameters that can affect the longevity and efficiency of the heating system.

The test kit is supplied with all the required equipment and reagents to determine:
•  Chloride
•  pH
•  Iron
•  Copper
•  Total Water Hardness
•  Level of ADEY MC1+ Protector (if it has been previously introduced into the system)

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Best Practice

ADEY Best Practice

Best practice makes perfect

ADEY's Best Practice approach to cleaning and maintaining hydronic heating systems is based on extensive testing and independent research.

Although today's boilers are the most efficient ever, their narrow waterways make them more vulnerable to the damaging effects of iron oxide sludge, corrosion and other debris. Even an A-rated boiler will deteriorate rapidly if it's fitted to a dirty system that hasn't been flushed and cleaned effectively.

ADEY's Best Practice incorporates five-steps using premium quality products, water treatment formulas and water testing to optimize hydronic heating system performance and efficiency.

Clean – using MC3+ Cleaner
Cleanse – using ADEY's MagnaCleanse® flushing system
Filter – install a MagnaClean® filter for first pass capture of sludge and debris
Protect – using MC1+ Inhibitor for ongoing protection against system corrosion and limescale deposits
Test – with ADEY's Engineer's test kit

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